Sonel Soulouque

Author, Teacher, Micro-Entrepreneur

A word from the author:

Even though I earn a respectable salary as a high school teacher with a master’s degree and fourteen years of experience, I am determined not to rely solely on my biweekly paycheck. For one, I don’t want to be confined by my salary. I have the ability to earn more, and I’m not waiting around for a raise in order to earn more. But there’s another reason. For many people, the worst thing that could happen to them is losing their job. But, with the right skills, you can adapt and thrive in any situation.

I want to teach you how to adapt and thrive. I want to teach you how break free from the shackles of what someone else thinks you should earn.

In this book, I’ll show you what I’ve done. But this book is about you, not me. I want to share my experiences with you so you can replicate my trajectory or create your own. If you are an entrepreneurial-minded person, you will find great ideas in this book that will steadily put money in your pocket and add to your wealth.

~ Sonel Soulouque